Dicla Training & Projects



To develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of learners
thus adding value to our nation by contributing to society through improved job performance.


Improve the quality of life of local communities by creating capacity for increased income through the cquisition of skills.

Empower emerging and commercial farmers to manage and sustain their enterprises.

Structured skills development and training programs aimed at grass roots level.

Practical application of skills for learners in all training programs.

Empower food security project participants through training and partnership programs.

Enhance the economic status of farming communities.

Reduce unemployment and poverty by create self reliance.

Promote entrepreneurial skills within the farming community.

Background & Legal Status

Dicla Training and Projects (herein referred to as Dicla Training Projects) was established in 2008.

The aim was to provide accredited training courses
which are aligned to the SAQA, unit standard requirements in the agricultural sector for:
the employed, unemployed, emerging farmers, youth, women and people with disabilities.

.Our directors and staff have a wealth of experience in agriculture, training, management and project management.
Our facilitators are graduates of tertiary institutions, agricultural colleges and universities;
and are accredited assessors with AgriSETA.

Dicla is registered with the Department of Industry as a Private Company,
has 100% B-BBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) status
and accredited as a training, service provider by AgriSETA.


Guiding Principles

Statistics indicate that South Africa is in high demand for a confident and knowledgeable workforce, that will positively contribute to both productivity in businesses and projects, as well as to an increased market share. Life skills and learnership program serve as a basic tool to equip employees and project groups who are in need of these skills.
Our learnership programs and practical training courses are customized according to the needs of the clients, for quality outcomes and service efficiency.
We are committed to long-term partner relationships with our clients and learners. This serves to promote mutual goal attainment and success in learning program intervention. We are committed to the new direction of training and development stipulated in the SAQA legislation and other related legislation.
Learner dignity and respect is maintained and upheld through strict adherence to learner confidentiality, and ensuring policies and systems are in place to prevent abuse of information regarding learners. Access to learner records is determined through a stringent “learner record access” policy, and access is limited to authorized personnel.
An electronic data storage system is in place to store learner records and learning provisional data. The system is able to produce appropriate records for submission to the ETQA. The storage system is maintained and updated and available for SETA ETQA when required. All records are kept as per AgriSETA requirement, for the duration period of learning and accreditation.

Our Team

The Directors, Management and Staff of Dicla Projects.

Lizo Mandlendoda


Lungi Mandlendoda


Kamva Qumntu


Bulelani Nqcobondwana


Bulumko Mbotshane


Koketso Matsetela


Johnson Mandlendoda


Wikus Agenbag


Olwethu Nikelo


Phatuwani Liphadzi


Business Model

Business Strategy


Our business strategy is to establish large quantities of small community farmers, that are already running their own operation on land that is available to them.


We combine the production of all these small farms and then construct infrastructure for the processing and packaging of the products that produced. Thereby giving them secured off-take agreements and an off-set for their products on retail shelves.


We assist farmers with a turn-key solution and a ‘farming-in-a-box’ product, complete with training, business development skills, mentoring and monitoring for continuous improvement. This helps to build sustainable farm systems for the future generations.

Brand Promise / USP

Guaranteed off-takes no matter the size.

Action Plans

Establish sustainable farming projects with high quality produce, delivered fresh to retailer's shelves,
utilising the manpower, land, capital, and existing or new infrastructure of these farming communities.

Assist Primary Cooperatives from the Previously Disadvantaged Groups,
farming on community land to establish new farming operations on a turnkey basis.

Assist existing farmers with marketing startegies and activities
and securing special off-take agreements with buyers and retailers.

Train local farmers and farm workers, basic skills and technical know-how of farming
via our mechanisation centre and skilled artisans.

Create opportunities for newly trained farmers to deliver contract farming services to local farming communities,
thereby creating revenue streams due skills aquired and availability of tools.

Constantly create new business concepts to develop sustainable farming programmes,
which in turn creates new jobs, transfering skills to people at all levels.

Core Competencies

Technical skills at all levels.

Business Development Skills.

Collective buying power.

Owner operators.

Liberating business model.

Training and mentoring capabilities.

International networking with investors.

New technology development and integration.

Operational Capabilities

AgriSETA Training Centres through Dicla Training & Projects for all the technical training.

Technical and operational know-how on all the types of farming operations that we are promoting, both as suppliers and operators and builders.

Internationally trained business coaching and mentoring programs.

National operational capabilities.

Marketing and supplier agreements for off-takes with all primary food retailers and suppliers in South Africa.