Dicla Training & Projects


Business Coaching

Training and Development Never Stops.

Give a man a fish and you will have to feed him again.
Teach him how to fish and he can feed himself for a life-time!
That's the goal of the business coaching and mentoring program.


Our goal is to create a world abundance through business re-education; teaching the farmers and the key stake holders the essential business skills to run their farms like a business.


Coaching is provided through mentorship programs which help farmers to become more profitable, to manage their teams more effectively and time management.


Essentially they are taught how to make the business work for them and not the other way round, with the aim of building a sustainable farming operation that will be preserved for the future.


As a service to the community we cover complete agricultural land preparation,
For example: Ploughing, planting, spreading of fertilizer and pesticides,
harvesting, cutting, bailing, etc.

Our Mechanisation Centre is a fully equipped,
state of the art workshop from which we offer the following:

Repairs and maintenance to all kinds of machanical equipment.

Development and construction of equipment per requirement.

Welding services.

Erection and repair of fencing.

Repairs and maintenance of windmills.

Technical advice.


Dicla Training and Projects perchase on a national and international level.
We representing a number of emerging and small scale farmers and Co-op's
and are able to negotiate prices and services that are beneficial for all our clients.

Other Services

Sales, Marketing and Commercial Farming.


Over the years, we have assisted many farmers in important decisions, through mentorship. We believe that quality farming equipment is part of a succesful enterprize.


We continue the establishment of new relationships with retailers to ensure long term sustainability. Our aim is for farmers to produce quality products and in the long term would like to foster a unique, recognisable brand.

Commercial Farming

We help our clients with discount agreements as well as most commercial farming needs. From field preparation, ploughing, planting, etc, we are equipped to get you farming.